The city of Norfolk, Va. didn't want the parking garage for the MacArthur Center to look like a parking garage. The result is a very functional facility that compliments the area's colonial structures by using precast concrete's plasticity to incorporate decorative reveals, cornices and other details.

"We had an extraordinary process of meeting with the local design review committee to make sure the decks had an expressive exterior".
Taubman Realty Group
"About a quarter of the architectural precast is load bearing."
Tindall Corp.
"So many architectural elements had to match up. It was an intense engineering and coordination effort. We called it build-design by the time we finished."
Seaboard Services
"This project represents an inexpensive yet economically successful approach to designing an urban parking structure with a good amount of detail and relief that relates very nicely to the mall that it is attatched to. It offers some complex specialty pieces that go beyond the exterior wall plane. The design is straightforward and nice."

As seen in Ascent Magazine / Fall, 2000